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About NV Foundation

National Vidya Foundation is a reputed Education Consultancy firm in India. Its Directors have advised students since 1998 and assisted over more than 3000 students in education overseas - Ukraine, Philippines, Kyrgyztan. China, India etc. We represent leading institutions in Ukraine (Europe), Kyrgyztan, Philippines, China, India etc. Read More >>

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Thank you very much, all of you specially Siddarth Sir, Shilpa Mam, Farah Mam, and Vivek Sir, for helping me to choose the right University to study medicine. Thank you very much.
‐ Ankit Choudhury

It was wonderful experience for me to have come to NVF for processing my application and I appreciate your way of handling the application. The way you kept track of things was precise and I must thank you for that. I got a great university for my education.
‐ Vishal Paradeshi

I am really very happy in Ukraine and University people are very friendly and helpful. I really do not know how can I express my gratitude to you. Thank you once again for all your invaluable advice and guidance that you gave me to reach my destination successfully.
‐ Sulagna Nayak

Thanks to NVF, they assisted me so much and I have got my visa due to their brilliant visa documentation. Really, their guidance was superb and I am glad that I found the right consultancy to guide me in the correct direction in my career. Once again thank you very much to NVF Team.
‐ Jijo Abraham

N V Foundation is truly one of the best recognized agents I have come across.. Mr. Siddarth Jaiswal sir is a very co-ordinate guide, who is dedicated to his work. Ms Shilpa is the perfect example of a friend and the most hospitable person I have met. I wish to thank the NVF team for the help they have provided me.
‐ Sowmya Reddy

Why Philippines?

How to study Medicine?

Medicine also frequently referred as Medical, MBBS, MD, etc., as a course is considered as the most challenging career option to study and the student studying this has to be determined, focussed and commitment towards this program. It is impossible to attain the respectable position in this field if your level of dedication is lower than what it demands.

The more you study, the more you achieve proficiency and the age is never the factor in this field. But the minimum time that it demands from your daily life according to our experience that we have seen our previous students studying is 10-14 hours including their classes. Student must always remain active and compassionate towards learning from their teachers, collegues and other available options. Students must also prepare themselves to rely on self-study and bring it into practice as because this habit will transform them into world class professional. Students are also adviced not to miss their daily classes on any condition. Most important of all in medicine, teachers will always will be your guide during your journey but effort towards gaining knowledge is your part.

All the very best.


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