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MBBS in Philippines ₹ 15.23 lacs, No Donation WHO & MCI Approved Duration – 5 Years

✔   Proposed scholarship for top 30% of the class.

✔   Pay fees in 5 easy instalment over 5 years.

✔   MCI Preparation study material worth more than a lacs in pen drive.

✔   Free USMLE study material in pen drive.

✔   Guaranteed admission in MD after completion of BS Course.

Philippines is the 3rd Largest English speaking country in the world. More than 95% of its population speaks English, which is its official language. 20,000+ foreign students to Philippines each year for education in Engineering, Medical, Dental, Nursing, Shipping, etc.
Its capital city is Manila; a Mega city with over 20 million population. The dominant religion is Catholic Christianity with over 93% of the population following it. Philippines is also the largest exporter of Nurses and doctors to the United states. It has a very high education standard with more than 5000 indian students studying medicine in the Philippines.
The Philippines has a tropical maritime climate similar to India. A Hindu Temple and Gurudwara are located in Manila. Embassy of India is located in Makati, Metro Manila – a distance of 2.4 kms from AMA School of Medicine & more than 5000 Indian students are studying medicine in Philippines.

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Why Philippines?

High quality education, safe and conducive environment and affordable fee structure and other associated expenses are one of the primary reasons for international students to opt for higher education in the country. Apart from these, with a degree of the educational institutes in this country, you can explore job opportunities in different countries in the world. Medium of instruction for these courses is only English. Academic calendar begins in June and extends till March. A year comprises of two semesters, one from June to October and the other from November to March.

MBBS Courses in Phillippines are better than those in Ukarine, Russia or China:

Studying medicine abroad is a fascinating idea, especially among Indian students. Due to rich teacher faculty and higher level of intense practice sessions, MBBS courses in Philippines are getting significant popularity among aspiring medical students. However, if you start checking out different sites, you will come to know more about such similar courses in Russia, China and even Ukraine. Then what makes Philippines the best choice among others? Well, you can jot down the significant points, like checking out the infrastructure of the universities, higher study content and friendly staff of the educational centers that gives Philippines an edge over choosing other countries.

Language is not a barrier:

Among so many positive points, the best one is that medical colleges, located in Philippines solely follow English language as their medium of instruction. Being a US colony, English is the main and official language of Philippines. Thus, you do not need to learn any additional language while planning to study MBBS in Philippines. Therefore, you can dedicate your entire time towards study and not towards learning a new foreign language. According to the latest statistics, 94% students on a global platform prefer English as their medium of communication, making Philippines the best choice ever. However, for other areas like in Ukraine and China, you are bound to learn their regional language to grasp the MBBS course curriculum.

Superior quality of the educational system:

In Philippines, the teachers are not only fluent in English, but they are US educated. Thus, they can guide you better on the overseas careers prospects. Moreover, you can also avail premium quality education services, when compared with other non-English areas. Therefore, you have the liberty to gear up for different licensing exams and also USMLE. In Philippines, you will come across largest supplier of the doctors and trained nurses to the USA and various other countries. The universities are listed under the category of California Board of Medicine, for the licensing category.

Lower fees and also clinical rotation:

The fee related with MBBS structure in Philippines is nearly $3700 on an annual rate, which makes it an affordable option for the aspiring students. On the other hand, the MBBS fees in other parts of the world like in Russia, and China will be within the range of $3900 to $5000, which is way more expensive than usual. The clinical rotations are going to be counted, based on the gradation system. Thus, exposures related with US hospitals can help you to bag several jobs in the USA platform, after going through USMLE.

Dealing with success rate:

As per the latest calculations, it has been found out that students passing out from Philippines are known to have 100% success rate, in the region under USMLE. The students are known for passing the USMLE with flying colors. This is a full proof option, while dealing with a high standard rate of the Medical education in Philippines. The other medical colleges in Russia, Ukraine and China, are not placed under the 100% category rate. Thus, from the above-mentioned points, it can be stated that there is a plethora of advantages, associated with MBBS studies in Philippines, when compared with other colleges and Universities in Ukraine, China or Russia.

MBBS in Philippines:

Doctor of Medicine is awarded to students after completing four years degree program. This is equivalent to that of MBBS degree. In the first year, the basics of medical sciences are taught. From the second year onwards to third year, these courses focus on specialized areas. Fourth year includes clinical rotation in different departments. This degree deals with medical theories, technologies, practices and different approaches for problem-solving. Post this, it is necessary to take up a licensure examination in the country itself. For this, students have to go through one year internship program. Degree awarded by different universities is recognized by World Health Organization. Even the Medical Council of India recognizes the degree awarded by these institutes and permits the aspirants for the screening test in India.

Associated Hospitals

There are 3 hospitals to which the AMA School of Medicine had tied up for its student for hospital visit. They have good reputation for outstanding infrastructure and quality treatment of the patients. They are as follows:

Quirino Memorial Medical Center
Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center
Pasay General Hospital


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Advantages of Philippines to other countries

PhilippinesOther countries
American / US pattern of EducationNon American Pattern of Education
English Speaking Country: English is an official language of Philippines with Filipino. Philippines a former colony of USA & has strong ties with US. 94% of population speaks English. It rd has the 3 largest English speaking country after USA and UK.Chinese / Russian: Is the official language. Medical Students need to learn the local language and pass an examLess than 4% of the population speaks English
Talk to patients in English. Easy to understand and follow and learn.Patients speak local language – Chinese or Russian – very difficult to understand & follow.
Strong culture of USMLE preparation and going to the USA for jobs. Many toppers go to USA from Philippines.No culture of USMLE preparation or going to USA for jobs.
Have tie ups with US Colleges for Clinical clerkship / rotation. Recommendation letters help in getting jobs in the USA after graduationNo such tie-ups or culture in China / Russia / Ukraine
Tropical country with diseases common in India such as Malaria, Typhoid etc. Great training & clinical experience for studentsTemperate country. Cold. Snows for 2-3 months in a year. No tropical diseases. No training in these diseases. Education is incomplete.
Indian food, Asian foods available in Manila.Food is expensive and Asian / Indian food not easily available
Weather: Tropical – like India ranges from 21 to 37 degree centigrade.Temperate: Three months of snow. Winter temperature is -20 (minus 20 degrees) so students find difficulty in winter.
Course takes 4½ years in Philippines for students who have finished class 12Course takes 6 years in China / Russia
Course takes 4 years in Philippines for students who have finished Bachelors of any pre-medical or equivalent course of two year after school – i.e. they have 14 years of education of which the last 4 years had Biology, Chemistry and related subjects.Course takes 6 years in China / Russia even with pre-medical subjects.
Very easy to get tourist visa and visit ManilaVisa processing is complicated for Russia / Ukraine
Located in Metro city. Manila – capital with a population of over 20 million (2 crores) lots of hospitals and lots of patientsUsually located in smaller cities – not the capital.
Excellent Track record. Over 90% success rate of MCI test. Very high success rate in USMLELower success rate in MCI and USMLE.

Admission Procedures

The admission process is very simple. Candidates have to follow it step by step to make it easier. To help the students, it is mentioned here accordingly.

Eligibility Criteria

Students, who want to participate in Bachelor’s programs, must obtain 12th Passing certificate with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as a subject securing 50% of marks for General candidate and 40% for SC, ST and OBC. During the application, student has to submit the passing certificate in Original or Official Certified copy.

Library Facility

The AMA School of Medicine consists of a well equipped library which provides its collection to the students and academic staff with over 10,000 printed materials. Along with that, students and staffs can access an e-Library.

The library is spacious and includes computers along with reading rooms. The Library uses “OpenBiblio” Library System. With the help of this, students and academic members can search and access important electronic books without any hassle.

The library of AMA School of Medicine is a member of “Electronical Information for Libraries eIFL” consortium, which provides ample scope to use all the electronic resources.


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